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Tips on What to Look for When Choosing a Collision Repair Shop in Mateo County

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Holidays can be stressful enough but to end up in an accident just adds more than we can handle sometimes. Choosing a repair shop can put the stress over the top, so why not choose a repair shop that handles the insurance claims assistance, rental car assistance, as well as tow assistance to get your car to where it needs to go. When your car needs work, two things come to mind. You want someone who will get the repair done quickly, and most importantly, someone who won’t overcharge you for the work. But how do you know which auto repair shops are honest and which ones want to take you for a ride? Below we share five tips for picking out a trusted automobile repair center.


This might sound like an obvious consideration when choosing a collision repair shop, however you would be surprised how many individuals simply take their vehicle to the auto insurance carriers’ recommendation. Do your research by checking out local websites, asking how long the technicians have been working on vehicles, if they hold any *expert certifications or offer a warranty for all workmanship performed. Do they offer rental car or insurance claims assistance? Trust that these things matter when you’re in need of quality repairs and a shop that will take care of not only your car but you as well.

Word of Mouth Call on friends and family to request recommendations. After all, word of mouth can be your best asset when it comes to handling one of the largest investments, you’ll ever make…your vehicle. It is important to see what others have to share about their experience to ensure you are making a well-informed decision about who to turn to for high-quality, trustworthy collision repair service. You can also Google and check auto repair shop reviews locally or ask for advice from your insurance provider. Carwise is popular as well and houses very good information and reviews on body shops in your area if that shop partakes in the program. That alone is a positive factor. You have the right to choose your repair shop. So be sure you review all the vital information after gathering it from several sources. It will be worth the time you spent to do it in the end.

Trust Your Gut

The research process will allow you to collect a lot of information. Then your gut will help you choose which collision repair shop is best for your needs. Weigh the factors logically and see what your instinct says about the best shop for your needs. Your instincts are usually right when you take the time to research who you will be handing over a payment to. You can factor in your decision with these questions… do they have environmentally safe paints? What insurance providers do they work with? What services do they offer? How long have they been in business? Do they have a credible website? Discovering these answers may give you a sense of trust before you even visit the shop.


Most people are not aware that some repair shops have completed a rigorous training course to certify their technicians. I-CAR has a tiered level of training courses that can be completed with I-CAR Gold Class® being the highest level of commitment to I-CAR® training. The extensive training that body shops, and their technicians go through to achieve these certifications requires focus, dedication, and the drive to do the best they can do for their consumers. I-CAR® explains in its own words what this certification means not only to the business, but the consumer as well. Achieving these I-CAR® class levels is “making an unwavering commitment to ensuring the business represents the highest achievement in collision repair training excellence. The organization will continue to demonstrate its time-honored dedication to performing complete, safe, and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer. Choose a repair shop that has trained and certified technicians not only with I-CAR certifications, but with OEM certifications too. Choose quality.

If you are still uncertain, contact us today! We are here to answer all of your questions and offer many services to make your collision repair process as streamlined and hassle-free as necessary.

You have the right to choose your car’s repair shop in San Francisco and surrounding areas. If you are in need of a repair shop due to an unexpected incident, call Peninsula Auto Body. We’re an I-CAR® Gold Class® repair shop in South San Francisco, CA. We also offer tow assistance and rental car assistance.

We live and work within the San Francisco Peninsula area. Our commitment to the community extends from helping our customers to helping our team members and right into the community itself. At Peninsula Auto Body, we are neighbors helping neighbors, especially after an automotive accident. From towing to filing claims to making sure you have transportation while we fix your vehicle, as your neighbor, we’ll help take care of you. We’re here in your time of need. If you have questions or comments, please contact us by calling 650.588.0999.

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