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It’s time to Spring check the Air Conditioner in Your Car

Sometimes we get caught up in Fall and Winter and we forget about the air conditioner in our vehicles. When you finally need to turn it on, it’s blowing hot air. Don’t get caught in this pickle and do an air conditioner check to be sure that your car’s AC is running in tip-top shape, so you’re not stuck with no cool AC on the first hot day of the year. Here are some simple tips to know when it’s time for an AC check. Don’t wait because AC repair can be a little on the pricey side and may require a professional auto shop to look at it.

Check for AC Leaks

Your Air conditioner is a closed loop system to keep leaks from happening and to keep your coolant from evaporating. If the fluid is low, you can bet a leak is to blame. Because Freon leaks can come on slowly and be difficult to detect, you may want to consider enlisting the expertise of a certified technician to check your vehicle's system for the correct volume of fluid. If it’s not a leak, then your entire coolant system will need to be evaluated. You can also spurchase leak detection kits to help you identify any leaks in your air conditioning system. These kits provide a dye that will run through the lines and seep out of any leaks or cracks, making them visible to the naked eye. Be sure to follow the instructions on the kit.

AC Compressor Failure

Your AC compressor can wear out over time which will lead to professional services to replace it. Without a properly functioning compressor, Freon cannot efficiently circulate, and the cabin of your car will remain hot. Should your compressor be faulty due to an electrical issue in the compressor circuit or clutch, your best route may be to enlist a certified technician to replace and repair your fragile compressor once and for all. Take it to your local auto shop and have it evaluated.

Hot Air AC

Driving around for a few moments ,after no use over the colder season, will determine a guaranteed charge of your AC unit. If your Air Conditioning is blowing hot air, you may have broken fans or faulty blades. This, in addition to possible electrical issues that might cause your unit to malfunction. If you are somewhat familiar with your vehicles AC system and depending on the make and model of your vehicle this could be a do it yourself project or one that requires professional intervention.

Tips on how to keep your AC running efficiently without the surprise of failure

  • Check cabin air frequently…even if it’s not a day you will be using your AC. Your cooling fans should be working properly.

  • Check the cabin filter and have it changed as often as you do an oil change. Your mechanic will usually let you know.

  • Keep up on maintenance of your car and wellness checks.

  • Raise the hood and check the condenser if you know where to look.

San Francisco and surrounding areas in CA can get pretty hot in the summer. Be sure you’re getting ahead of any air conditioner issues and have it checked at your local auto shop if you’re unsure that it’s working to its full extent.

Be safe on the road during your travels and if you should need assistance in case if an accident in San Francisco and surrounding areas please give Peninsula Auto Body a call at 650.588.0999.

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