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Hybrid (EV) Vehicle Repair Care After Collision in San Francisco County

California is well known as a green state and has taken many efforts to push the green act to help avoid pollution in the air. One of those big efforts is pushing the sale of hybrid vehicles. San Francisco County houses many hybrid vehicles on its roadways. Hybrid vehicles are becoming the new norm as time progresses and the economy overall demands more financially for simple everyday necessities. Communities are looking for ways to save and budget where they can, and transportation is a big one. Hybrid vehicles contribute less pollution, they are significantly quieter, and are energy efficient. Today there are conventional and plug in hybrids. What happens if you should get into an accident? What do you need to expect when it’s time to take it to the auto body shop for repairs? Are they treated the same as other standard gas-powered vehicles or do they need special care? Make sure that your hybrid vehicle ends up at a body shop that is equipped with the right certified auto body technicians and tools to get the job done right and efficiently. You have the right to choose a body shop so make sure you are choosing the right one, so you have peace of mind your vehicle is in the right hands.

About 20 years ago hybrids hit the market and while some still require hybrid gas to recharge the battery others are simply plug-ins but can still run with hybrid gas if a charging station is not available in the area. Hybrids have a complex electrical system which requires the knowledge to know how to fix it in case of an accident or malfunction. Be sure to check your local auto body shop and their I-CAR® certifications. Don’t be shy about getting these questions answered. It is vital to the outcome of your hybrid’s repairs and the longevity of its future life. I-CAR® certifications has a set of guidelines that guarantees that the work being done is to manufacturer’s specifications.

If you should be in an accident and need to take the steps to find an auto body shop that also assists in towing, rental car, and insurance claims assistance, here are some safety recommendations to keep in mind when handling your hybrid in the process.

  • Your hybrids system components should be diagnosed thoroughly. No repairs should begin until this they are assessed.

  • Avoid towing your hybrid vehicle on its own wheels. This will prevent further damage and potential shock hazard. Call a professional towing service or an auto body shop that offers towing assistance to move the car after a collision.

  • If there is damage to the car’s body, it is essential to examine each panel from behind and check all the wires, connectors, or sensors that might have loosened or suffered a physical impact. The hybrid’s system must be disabled if so.

  • Technicians should wear protective gear at any stage of the repairs.

  • Connectors and sensors should be kept clean from dirt, dust, moisture, or any other contaminants while disconnected.

  • Even if all the hybrid vehicle’s system looks perfectly intact after being assessed, a technician will still need to scan it to rule out all possible issues and hidden hazards before powering up the system.

Even though body damage repairs may be the same, the internal systems are not. Hybrid vehicles need that extra care and repaired by a certified technician. Due to their sensitivity within the electrical system if repairs are needed, the knowledge and tools are very important to choosing the right auto body shop.

Your hybrid vehicle is in good hands at Peninsula Auto Body. We take great the sensitivity of hybrid vehicles and are repaired by our certified I-CAR® Gold Class® technicians. If you should need assistance in case if an accident in San Francisco and surrounding area please give Peninsula Auto Body a call at 650.588.0999.


You have the right to choose your car’s repair shop in San Francisco and surrounding areas. If you are in need of a repair shop due to an unexpected incident, call Peninsula Auto Body. We’re an I-CAR® Gold Class® repair shop in South San Francisco, CA. We also offer tow assistance and rental car assistance.

We live and work within the San Francisco Peninsula area. Our commitment to the community extends from helping our customers to helping our team members and right into the community itself. At Peninsula Auto Body, we are neighbors helping neighbors, especially after an automotive accident. From towing to filing claims to making sure you have transportation while we fix your vehicle, as your neighbor, we’ll help take care of you. We’re here in your time of need. If you have questions or comments, please contact us by calling 650.588.0999.

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