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Cheap Public Parking in San Francisco

It seems that just about everything in San Francisco is ridiculously overpriced, from high rents to that pricey morning cup of Joe. And if you drive to the city on a regular basis, parking can make a serious dent in your wallet. Thankfully, not all parking options are as scary as you’d think. San Francisco has a handful of reasonably priced parking garages and lots throughout the city that will store your car and still keep your wallet full.

Sutter Stockton Garage

(444 Stockton St., (415) 982-8370) Downtown parking that's close to Market St. and Union Square.

Ellis – O’Farrell Garage

(123 O’Farrell Street, (415) 986-4800) Downtown parking and close to shops.

16th and Hoff Garage

(42 Hoff Street, (415) 861.4048)

Mission-Bartlett Garage

(3255 21st Street, (415) 821-6715)

North Beach Garage

(735 Vallejo Street, 415.399.9564)

Portsmouth Square Plaza Garage

(733 Kearny Street, (415) 982-6353)

Performing Arts Garage

(360 Grove Street, (415) 252-823

Polk-Bush Garage

(360 Grove Street, (415) 252-8238)

About Peninsula Auto Body

We live and work within the San Francisco Peninsula area. Our commitment to the community extends from helping our customers to helping our team members and right into the community itself. At Peninsula Auto Body, we are neighbors helping neighbors, especially after an automotive accident. From towing to filing claims to making sure you have transportation while we fix your vehicle, as your neighbor, we’ll help take care of you. We’re here in your time of need. If you have questions or comments, please contact us by calling 650.588.0999.


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