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Benefits for choosing a body shop that uses environmental paint for your automotive collision repair

There are many benefits to know what body shops use eco-friendly paints. Many automotive repair shops find that waterborne paints perform better than solvent-borne ones for their quality, as well as saving the environment. Plus, it helps shops enjoy increased productivity.

The demand for environmentally friendly products is growing, and the auto body repair industry is responding with innovative products and services.


The main difference between eco-friendly paints and traditional paints is that traditional paints are solvent-borne while eco-friendly ones are waterborne. Solvent-borne paints use petrochemical products containing large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to thin the paint. VOCs are chemicals that are found in such things as vehicle exhaust, glues, cigarette smoke, varnish, and cleaning products. Waterborne paints, on the other hand, are thinned with water, which significantly cut down on the VOCs they contain. It’s a no brainer that this means its better on the environment and this will help the shops reduce their environmental impact.


  • Accurate auto color matching – less tinting is required than with other paints. This makes obtaining a highly accurate color match much easier. Whether you need a complete paint job or a simple spot repair, you can be assured of great color.

  • Fast drying – get your car back faster with this fast-drying coating.

  • Great coverage – a high performance coating that allows for easy blending and gives excellent coverage.

  • Low VOC – with less harmful emissions, waterborne coatings are much easier on the environment. In fact, this product is practically odorless – even during the painting process.


VOCs are one of the primary causes of air pollution, especially in urban areas and larger cities such as San Francisco. These products that emit high levels of VOCs contribute to ground-level ozone and fine particulate matter, which in turn create smog. Smog can be harmful to health. It can cause irritation and aggravate respiratory problems, which is why many auto body professionals, as well as consumers welcome initiatives aimed at reducing smog.

If you are considering getting a new paint job done on your vehicle and you’re interested to hear more about environmentally friendly auto paint then contact Peninsula Auto Body. We proudly offer eco-friendly paint option to our customers.

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